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IS trained a 4-year-old boy to kill his mother

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IS trained a 4-year-old boy to kill his mother 0
IS trained a 4-year-old boy to kill his mother 0

IS kidnaps many children and trains them to become killers.

Daily Star quoted Bohar (false name), 35 years old, Yazidi, saying that last August, she and her son Hamo were captured by IS in the southeast of Sinjar Mountain.

At the IS terrorist training camp, her son had to memorize the Koran, Sharia Islamic law and was even taught how to use a sword to behead his own mother.

`They told the boy that the Yazidis were Kafir, which in Arabic means ‘unbelievers’, and that he had to fight the Yazidis,` she said.

Bohar and his family were detained with 2,000 other Yazidis in prisons.

`In Badush prison, IS captured my eldest daughter and eldest son and took them to Syria. Some friends told me that my children were taken to Raqqa, I believe they are still there now

Bohar’s eldest daughter, 14 years old, was bought by someone in IS, and her eldest son, 12 years old, rose up against his captors.

In November, when the prisoners were transferred to Raqqa, IS’s self-proclaimed capital in Syria, Bohar reunited with his two lost children.

`I saw him at this military base, being beaten by them because he refused to obey their rules,` she said.

In Raqqa, Bohar and her two remaining children were sold in a slave market in IS.

`They took my daughter away, she was only 14 years old, an IS guy took her away,` she choked up.

Those who tried to escape or even use cell phones were brutally murdered.

Bohar and his 4-year-old son were bought by a Syrian, after being imprisoned in an underground prison.

`He treated us badly, didn’t give us anything, never opened the refrigerator for us,` she said.

After two months, Bohar and his young son were sold to Omar Al-Najde, a high-ranking IS commander.

When asked about what was crammed into his head during that time, Hamo just ran his finger across his neck.

Bohar later escaped and now lives in a refugee camp in Dohuk, northern Iraq.

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