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Indian state reverses the Covid-19 tragedy

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Indian state reverses the Covid-19 tragedy 4
Indian state reverses the Covid-19 tragedy 4

Local health officials quarantined Sajeev, a 52-year-old mechanic, at home and assigned a doctor to stay in contact with him by phone.

`I don’t know how the system works. All I did was notify local health officials after the positive result. They took care of everything from that point on,` Sajeev

Sajeev was probably luckier than many other Indians to live on the outskirts of Kochi, a city in Kerala state, where state officials have tried everything to help those affected by Covid-19, while the government

`Kerala has emerged as a case study in proactive pandemic response,` said Giridhar Babu, an epidemiologist at the Public Health Foundation of India in Gurugram.

A Covid-19 testing point in Ernakulam, Kerala state.

Kerala is not completely out of the crisis, still recording more than 2.3 million infections and more than 7,300 deaths from Covid-19.

Kerala’s death rate is less than 0.4%, one of the lowest in India.

As a wealthy state with 35 million people, Kerala faces many unique challenges amid the pandemic.

Kerala’s policies began in the early days of the outbreak, when a student returning from Wuhan, China in January 2020 became India’s first case of nCoV infection.

When the border was closed last year and migrant workers returned home, the state disaster management team jumped into action.

Experts say confidence in the system comes from K.K.

`She led this fight,` said Rijo M. John, a health economist from Rajagiri University of Social Sciences in Kochi.

Local officials like Ms. Shailaja are under great pressure.

To coordinate resources, Kerala officials have set up war rooms, each in charge of the state’s 14 districts.

War rooms collect data on hospital beds, ventilators and other factors, according to Aneesh V.G, district health officer.

A separate team monitors each hospital’s oxygen supply.

Athul Joseph Manuel, one of the doctors managing the war room, said triage by level of danger is important.

Many other places have also established similar centers but were not very effective.

Kerala’s success is also thanks to officials working closely with state health facilities and members of a network of social health activists in India called ASHA.

Indian state reverses the Covid-19 tragedy

People wait to be vaccinated at a vaccination site in Kochi city, Kerala state in March. Photo: AP.

This job is quite hard and low paid.

Considered volunteers, Geetha are paid $80 per month but must buy their own protective gear.

Although many other places are seriously lacking oxygen, Kerala still has enough medical oxygen, but supplies are tight.

Kerala is also appreciated for its way of tracking virus mutations.

`This is the only state that has not given up on this at any point,` Scaria said, adding that `they look forward to using scientific evidence to drive policy.`

However, turmoil in the government apparatus makes many experts worry about whether Kerala will continue to maintain its anti-epidemic achievements.

`Even the best-functioning governments still inevitably shoot themselves in the foot due to political miscalculations,` said Ashoka University professor Verniers.

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