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Huynh Dich’s husband talked about his wife’s ‘scheming and bad habits’

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Huynh Dich's husband talked about his wife's 'scheming and bad habits' 1
Huynh Dich's husband talked about his wife's 'scheming and bad habits' 1

After warning Huynh Dich that `God will punish her`, Hoang Nghi Thanh posted a long article on his personal page, recounting his frustrations since marrying `Tieu Yen Tu`.

Huynh Dich with her husband and daughter.

`In the past, she quickly left her ex-husband because everyone criticized her for being greedy for money so she married indiscriminately, regardless of their appearance. So my child and I became the best tools for her.

Huynh Dich’s husband continued to accuse his wife of not being responsible for their children: `Every time she brings a photographer to take pictures and post them online to show off and show off. Then she leaves. From the time she took pictures with her children that day.`

Hoang Nghi Thanh told more about his wife’s promiscuity: `After giving birth in America, we returned to our country. Not long after, she had an affair and resumed her relationship with her ex-lover X. At that time, X’s current wife

Nghi Thanh affirmed that he had run out of love for his wife: `Huynh Dich has long since ceased to be the Huynh Dich that everyone thinks. I may have loved her before. But she did not fulfill her duties as a mother…

Huynh Dich's husband talked about his wife's 'scheming and bad habits'

Actor Huynh Dich.

On the evening of June 12, the beauty went up to the wrong palanquin and received the desired response from her husband about the attacks aimed at her.

`If rumors come, just come. One day the sun will shine again and the truth will be revealed. I also believe in the saying ‘God knows everything’. Time changes a lot but it will definitely bring answers.`

Huynh Dich and Hoang Nghi Thanh publicly announced their love for each other at the end of 2012, at which time the actress was pregnant.

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