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How the West deals with Putin’s long war

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How the West deals with Putin's long war 5
How the West deals with Putin's long war 5

As the Ukraine conflict is about to enter its sixth month, Russian President Vladimir Putin shows no signs of ending the military campaign.

`Everyone should know that we haven’t even seriously started anything in Ukraine yet,` Putin told parliamentary leaders in Moscow last week, adding that the conflict could last until

Mr. Putin’s comments show that Moscow’s goal is to prolong the war, leaving Ukraine and its Western allies exhausted before Russia, according to observers.

The West’s trump card is economic power, if they can unite together for a common goal.

`We will weaken their ability to compete in a 21st century high-tech economy,` Mr. Biden said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the BRICS Plus meeting on June 24.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on April 25 also stated that the West wants `Russia to be weakened to the point where it cannot continue to do things like in Ukraine.`

However, in recent months, the West has become increasingly impatient and impatient in its strategy, according to Ignatius.

Ignatius believes that to resolve that concern, the West must continue economic sanctions against Russia so that by the end of this year, Moscow will be the one to experience the `winter pain` and not Kiev or Europe.

Russian officials themselves are admitting that sanctions from the West are working.

Herman Gref, head of Russia’s largest bank Sberbank, also admitted that Russia may need 10 years to bring the economy back to 2021 levels. He told reporters that goods transported by ship to Russia

`We are engaged in a long war,` US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said on July 14.

`You cannot build a modern military without semiconductors,` said Secretary Raimondo.

As global energy prices soar, Russia still has abundant revenue from oil and gas sales.

A senior Commerce Ministry official said that essential goods, which are essential for the defense, technology and energy sectors, from the US to Russia were down 95.5% from a year ago.

The Biden administration may be overly optimistic about the immediate impact of sanctions, but a study last month by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that they are having a significant impact on the economy.

Based on export data from 54 countries, accounting for 90% of Russia’s imports last year, the study shows that the amount of goods exported to Russia by countries sanctioned by the US has decreased by 60% since the second half of the year.

US officials added that Western sanctions targeting Russia do not seem to face obstacles from other countries.

Foreign support for Russian media and technology companies is gradually declining.

How the West deals with Putin's long war

Pro-Russian militia tanks deployed in Severodonetsk on June 20.

In the war of attrition with Ukraine, the Russian army is losing many assets on the battlefield and replacing them will not be easy, according to observers.

The sanctions `have practically broken all logistics chains in our country`, according to Russian Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev.

Brian O’Toole, an expert at the Center for Geoeconomics of the Atlantic Council, said that such export bans and technology restrictions will take a lot of time and patience to be effective, because Russia

In case Russia ignores sanctions and continues to promote the war in Ukraine, Moscow may face many long-term problems.

According to expert O’Toole, economic embargoes, if systematically maintained by the West, will help turn the initial reactions of anxiety and panic into a more stable sanctions mechanism, making the economy more vulnerable.

`President Putin is taking bold actions and thinking far ahead in the fight with the West. But if the US and its allies are determined to maintain current pressure, he holds less chance of success than expected.

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