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How Elon Musk dominates Internet satellites

How Elon Musk dominates Internet satellites 4
How Elon Musk dominates Internet satellites 4

According to Nikkei Asia, Elon Musk is increasingly expanding his presence in the field of satellite Internet.

With just one rocket, SpaceX can carry 60 satellites at the same time.

Since 2019, SpaceX has sent nearly 5,000 satellites into space.

With the above numbers, Musk is considered the ruler of this market.

Elon Musk’s satellite Internet network surrounds the Earth.

After meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 20, Elon Musk expressed his desire to provide satellite Internet services in the market with the second largest population in the world.

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites can help users connect to high-speed Internet as they orbit 300-600 km above the Earth’s surface.

To access satellite Internet, Starlink customers only need to install a transceiver, measuring 50 x 30 cm.

In 2021, Starlink caused a stir among Vietnamese users when it allowed service registration for 99 USD per month.

According to experts, if they want coverage in Vietnam, satellite Internet projects like Elon Musk’s must have commercial agreements with Vietnamese businesses that have been licensed to provide telecommunications services transmitted via satellite.

The number of global broadband satellite Internet users is expected to double from 71 million in 2022 to 153 million in 2031, according to aerospace consulting firm Euroconsult.

However, satellite communications are relatively new and still pose risks.

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