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How does muscle tape support running?

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How does muscle tape support running? 0
How does muscle tape support running? 0

Muscle tape is a necessary accessory for many runners when participating in running races or heavy training sessions.

The image of runners using colorful tape along their shoulders, feet or knees is increasingly common in running events.

Muscle taping was developed in the 1970s by Kenzo Kase, a chiropractor in Japan.

Traditional athletic tape is made of cotton, so it doesn’t have the stretch ability like muscle tape.

The mechanism of action of muscle tape is inspired by the body’s ability to heal itself if given appropriate support.

KT tape also has the ability to enhance muscle strength.

How does muscle tape support running?

Use of muscle tape in some locations may cause pain.

Muscle taping also has mental benefits.

In jogging, muscle tape can assist in treatment in some cases.

If you have knee pain, tape two strips from the front and back thigh muscles, then pull them down the sides of the knee to create a teardrop shape.

If you have heel pain, you may have overloaded the connective tissue from your heel to the base of your toes.

Additionally, if you have pain in other areas, you can use a strip of tape cut in a Y shape to stick around that area for support.

How does muscle tape support running?

Runner of Cau Giay Park Runners Club Ta Viet Anh applies knee tape on the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2023 running track. Photo: Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

To use muscle tape effectively, you first need to clean the skin area to be applied.

Try not to touch the adhesive surface because it will reduce adhesion.

There are two ways to apply the tape.

The muscle tape will begin to peel off after three to five days.

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