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How contagious is the Delta variant?

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How contagious is the Delta variant? 12
How contagious is the Delta variant? 12

According to studies, at the beginning of the pandemic, the virus needed about 15 minutes to transmit through close contact.

Delta caused public health officials to change safety recommendations.

According to CDC director Rochelle Walensky, the Delta variant can cause breakthrough nCoV infection, although it is very rare.

Delta is more contagious than older variants

Experts estimate that Delta is about 50% more contagious than the Alpha variant.

In a July study, Chinese scientists found that people infected with the Delta variant had 1,000 times more virus in their respiratory tract than the original strain.

High virus concentrations mean F0s release more viruses.

Delta exposure risk

According to the medical community, vaccination is the best way to reduce the risk of virus infection.

For unvaccinated people, Delta changes the old concept that a person is exposed to F0 for about 15 minutes to be at risk of infection.

`Previously, you had to be in a closed room with a sick person for up to 15 minutes to be infected. Now, the speed is 1,000 times faster,` Dr. Marr explained.

People who have only been vaccinated once are also at risk of being infected with the Delta variant.

People wearing masks walk around New York’s Times Square, July 27.

How does the vaccine work?

According to scientists, people who receive two doses of the vaccine will be safer and less likely to develop serious complications.

The variant is dangerous for people who come into contact with infected cases in closed spaces.

According to Dr. Walensky, vaccinated people can still be infected and spread the virus to the community, but most have no symptoms and are unlikely to get serious.

Delta’s risk of outdoor transmission

With the Delta variant, scientists believe that the view that the virus is difficult to spread in open spaces should be reconsidered.

`Outdoor activities become more risky. If you stand within respiratory distance (the area of air released from breathing) of an infected person, you are susceptible to catching the virus. The risk increases in crowded environments such as parties.`

Doctors said that if people have been vaccinated, they can cycle or jog in deserted places without wearing masks.

`Such places are not classified as outdoor environments. Air circulation is still limited. This is the condition for viruses to accumulate,` Dr. Marr said.

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