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Ho Chi Minh City Hospital ‘splits’ Covid-19 treatment

Ho Chi Minh City Hospital 'splits' Covid-19 treatment 6
Ho Chi Minh City Hospital 'splits' Covid-19 treatment 6

On the afternoon of July 14, Doctor Anh and his colleagues at Thu Duc City Hospital hurriedly moved back to the old area of ​​the unit, in the spirit of `it must be finished this evening, tomorrow we will receive the patient`.

The 7-storey building of the previous hospital included Intensive Care Departments (ICU), Cardiovascular Resuscitation, Pediatric Resuscitation, Vascular Thoracic, Obstetrics and Gynecology Services, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Eye,

At Saigon General Hospital, Deputy Director Nguyen Khac Vui said that there is a plan for at least 50 beds to treat Covid-19 and will accept patients upon request.

Saigon General Hospital is placed on the second floor of Ho Chi Minh City’s 4-storey Covid-19 treatment model, accepting symptomatic patients.

This move was implemented by many hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City after an urgent document from the Department of Health sent to general and specialized hospitals requesting the construction of a `split hospital` plan.

Director of Thu Duc City Hospital – doctor Nguyen Minh Quan, said that the hospital has 300 beds ready to receive Covid-19 patients with underlying diseases or severe and critical comorbidities – on the third floor of the hospital.

Thu Duc City Hospital rearranges hospital beds to prepare to receive Covid-19 patients.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Health Tang Chi Thuong, in addition to assigning personnel to the above two areas, hospitals must also assign personnel to support field hospitals for Covid-19 treatment;

Recently, the Department of Health has applied the `split` model, converting the functions of general hospitals into hospitals specializing in receiving Covid-19 patients and expanding additional treatment facilities.

Currently, there are 10 Covid-19 treatment facilities and 15 Covid-19 treatment hospitals.

Mr. Thuong said that among the increasing number of infections every day, many cases require specialized emergency care and are foreigners.

Ho Chi Minh City Hospital 'splits' Covid-19 treatment

Doctors install equipment at the 1,000-bed Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital to treat seriously ill and critically ill patients, located at facility 2 of Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital, on July 15.

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