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Hanoi guests struggle to book resort villas

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Hanoi guests struggle to book resort villas 3
Hanoi guests struggle to book resort villas 3

`Need to find a villa for a group of 15 people near Hanoi in July` is the content Hoang Anh posted for the third time on groups looking for resort villas on the outskirts of Hanoi.

Hoang Anh said that after days of staying at home due to Covid-19, she wanted to take her children and parents on vacation to places with lots of greenery and open air that could be traveled by private car.

`When I asked about beautiful villas with good services, they were all announced full, so I had to post them on the group to find them. The ones that were available were mostly not beautiful, didn’t have swimming pools, or were located far from Hanoi like in Tam Dao (Vinh).

Currently, apartments for groups of 10-15 people have an average price of 5-7.5 million VND on weekdays and 1-3 million VND higher on weekends.

My Linh, who works as a sales agent for the villas, said that many guests similar to Hoang Anh had to cancel their trip because they could not find a suitable apartment.

The number of guests booking separate resort villas has shown signs of increasing rapidly since mid-June, when Hanoi relaxed epidemic prevention regulations.

Ms. Khue Tam, owner of Blue Mountain Villa in Soc Son, said that from June to the beginning of summer peak, the family’s villa is always fully booked, currently only available a few days a week in July. Guests come to the villa.

Hanoi guests struggle to book resort villas

Isolated resorts near nature are also chosen by many Hanoi tourists.

Not only villas, isolated resorts close to nature around Hanoi also regularly record full occupancy on weekends.

Nearby areas such as Ninh Binh or Sam Son (Thanh Hoa) are also of interest to tourists.

The demand for relaxation in villas and resorts near Hanoi has increased since mid-June and shows no signs of `cooling down`.

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