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Hanoi doesn’t just have delicious pho

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Hanoi doesn't just have delicious pho 3
Hanoi doesn't just have delicious pho 3

Besides pho, Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general have many delicious dishes with similar ingredients.

You can eat vermicelli with fish sauce, tomato broth, snails or grilled meat, or use it to wrap in spring rolls or make banh hoi.

Noodle soup

Hanoi doesn’t just have delicious pho

Tho Xuong vermicelli noodles on CNN

The broth of vermicelli noodles is the first notable point with its slightly dark red color because it is cooked from tomatoes and a little cashew oil.

The noodles are submerged in broth, blending the balance of flavors and colors to create a dish that’s hard to fault.

CNN suggests that visitors to Hanoi can enjoy this dish at a small restaurant located in Tho Xuong alley, near the Cathedral.

Bun cha

Hanoi people often eat bun cha at noon.

Hanoi doesn't just have delicious pho

Obama enjoys bun cha Hanoi

Barack Obama enjoys Hanoi bun cha

Hanoi bun cha once appeared in season 8 of Anthony Bourdain’s culinary television show Parts Unknown.

Visitors can enjoy this dish at Cua Dong vermicelli noodle shop in Hoan Kiem district.

Grilled chopped fish

Existing for more than a century, La Vong grilled fish has become the most famous brand in Hanoi, and the city even named a small street after this name.

Diners can watch the process of adding each piece of fish marinated with spices and turmeric powder into a pan of hot oil.

La Vong grilled fish is best eaten at 14 Cha Ca street, Hoan Kiem district.

Snail noodles

Hanoi doesn't just have delicious pho

American chef eats snail vermicelli on Hanoi sidewalk

American chefs enjoy Hanoi snail vermicelli

Also appearing in part 8 of Parts Unknown, Hanoi snail noodle dish left a lot of impression on famous American chef, Anthony Bourdain.

Snail vermicelli is indispensable for fresh snails and a rich, sour and spicy broth.

Fish noodles

Another famous noodle dish originating from Hai Phong but also popular in Hanoi is fish noodle soup.

According to the name Hai Phong fish noodle soup, the dish consists of two main ingredients: vermicelli and fish.

The address for delicious fish noodle soup for tourists is restaurant number 111, Trieu Viet Vuong street, Hai Ba Trung district.

Beef rice noodles

Beef noodle soup is a dish originating from the South, but diners can still find it in Hanoi, a city with a strong Northern flavor.

Sweet and spicy stir-fried beef pieces lie in a bowl of vermicelli, accompanied by green vegetables.

Diners can enjoy this dish at restaurant No. 7 Hang Dieu Street, Hoan Kiem District.

Huong Chi

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