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Guinness world culinary records

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Guinness world culinary records 3
Guinness world culinary records 3

Cuisine and dishes are one of the topics that many people around the world are most eager to create a Guinness record for.

The biggest pizza, made in the fastest time

Chef Tony Gemignani from the US set a record by using 500 g of dough and taking only 2 minutes to create a Pizza base with a diameter of 84.33 cm at a shopping center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on December 20.

The pizza has the largest cake and is made in the fastest time.

The longest cut of meat

To date, no one has surpassed Francisco Alonso’s record for cutting meat.

Guinness world culinary records

Francisco Alonso sets a world record with pieces of meat.

Largest chocolate coin

This record-breaking chocolate coin weighed 658 kg and was displayed at the Cioccoshow exhibition, Bologna, Italy on November 15, 2012.

Guinness world culinary records

The world’s largest chocolate coin.

The world’s largest Hamburger

The owner of the world’s largest hamburger is Steve Mallie, an American.

Guinness world culinary records

This hamburger sells for $499.

The person who eats the most hamburgers

An American man named Donald A. Gorske set a world record for eating the most hamburgers.

Guinness world culinary records

Donald A. Gorske is a hamburger masher.

The world’s largest salad

Lebanese chefs have successfully created the world’s largest local-style salad in Beirut.

Guinness world culinary records

Mixed vegetables are prepared by Lebanese chefs in a local style.

The world’s largest meatball

Matthew Mitnitsky, owner of a restaurant in Italy, created a giant meatball weighing 101 kg.

Matthew Mitnitsky next to his masterpiece.

The longest pizza line in the world

The pizza row with 2,200 pieces and 470 m long is recognized as the longest pizza row in the world.

The longest pizza line in the world.

The world’s largest cheesecake

More than 50 bakers in Mexico took nearly 4 days to complete the world’s largest cheese cake.

The cheesecake is topped with a layer of strawberries.

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