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‘Gatekeeper’ on the front lines of fighting coronavirus

'Gatekeeper' on the front lines of fighting coronavirus 2
'Gatekeeper' on the front lines of fighting coronavirus 2

The above message was sent from the Wansongjie residential group, Wuhan city, Hubei province, where Mr. Zhang is managing a drug rehabilitation center.

He agreed and was sent to the Wuhan Union University hospital clinic to receive patients with fever, the most dangerous place in the city at this time.

Patients check in at the Jianghan field hospital, Wuhan city, Hubei province.

Currently, Mr. Zhang is a receptionist at the clinic, assisting people with check-up procedures.

`When it’s too crowded, some people become frustrated and tired. Others want to squeeze in,` he said.

At that time, he talked to help them calm down.

Zhang must also record everyone who comes to the clinic whether they are suspected or confirmed cases.

During the first two days at the clinic, Zhang did not eat lunch.

Elderly people waiting to be tested were encouraged by Mr. Zhang to rest at home.

However, people who came to see him could not always recognize Zhang because he had to wear protective gear and two masks.

Originating in Wuhan city in early December last year, the nCoV pneumonia epidemic has spread to 31 provinces and cities in China and 26 countries and territories globally, killing 910 people and infecting more than 40,500 people.

`I’m actually very afraid of being infected with the virus,` he said, but said he was too busy to rest.

What he was most concerned about was his protective suit.

If the epidemic had not broken out, he would now be living with his elderly parents who are over 80 years old.

`I just hope that the epidemic will end soon and I can go home to take care of my parents,` said Mr. Zhang, who now lives alone at the office.

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