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Four days of ‘competition color’ Trump – Biden gradually changed from red to blue

Four days of 'competition color' Trump - Biden gradually changed from red to blue 3
Four days of 'competition color' Trump - Biden gradually changed from red to blue 3

Polling stations on the east coast of the United States just closed a few hours ago, but this year’s election picture is already very gloomy for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Florida, a key battleground state into which he had poured so much money and time, slipped from his grasp.

Even in states that have just started counting votes, the undeniable fact is that there is no overwhelming advantage for Biden and the electoral map does not turn green all at once.

Drawing of President Donald Trump (left) and Democratic candidate Joe Biden by Jeremy Enecio.

`What did Mr. Biden think when he witnessed that result with his family in Wilmington, Delaware? Did he ever fear that this presidential race would end in failure like the previous two times?`,

Riley-Smith and Allen believe that Biden was scared that day, because he wrote a note in black ink on the wall of his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a fiercely competitive battleground state, on the morning of March 3.

On the morning of November 3, Biden visited the grave of his eldest son Beau, a rising political star who died of cancer in 2015. He often said that Beau should have been the one to replace him in this race.

Four days of 'competition color' Trump - Biden gradually changed from red to blue

The line Mr. Biden wrote on the wall of his home in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 3.

Meanwhile, President Trump spent election day predicting a `red wave`.

The US President visited his national election campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, at 1:00 p.m. November 3.

`Winning is easy. Losing is never easy, not for me,` Trump said.

Trump was at the White House, behind the new fortified barricades erected to keep out protesters, when victory in Florida called his name.

What happened in the next few hours also followed his prediction.

`Trump did better than the last survey average in most battleground states. Could there be a repeat of the 2016 scenario?` Riley-Smith and Allen wrote.

The US President is also right about the large number of voters this year.

But then, Trump’s bright picture began to change, as he gradually lost his vote advantage with Biden in the western region and the Rust Belt states, which were considered the `heart` of the campaign.

The Democratic candidate quickly took the lead not only in Nevada but also in Arizona, which is considered a Republican stronghold.

The hope of opening the door to the White House has rekindled with Biden.

By midnight on November 3, the trend had been determined.

At this time, the advantage is in Biden’s favor, as with each passing hour, he shortens the gap with Trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, the `blue wall` of Democracy that Trump destroyed in 2016. Even the gap is ahead.

Biden gave a speech at 1 a.m. on November 4.

A few minutes before President Trump’s speech at the White House, an email from his campaign fundraising campaign was simultaneously sent to many mailboxes, with a prominent red title `Urgent news, the Democrats have a plan.`

`This is a fraud on the American public. This is a disgrace to our country. We were ready to win this election. Frankly, we won,` Trump

He also made it clear that a legal battle would occur.

By the afternoon of November 4, more and more good news came to Biden.

Trump’s team quickly filed a lawsuit in court.

Trump and Biden’s teams both continuously gave reasons why they believed their candidate would win and criticized their opponents.

President Trump also continuously posted on Twitter with many accusations against Biden and the Democrats without providing evidence.

From the evening of November 4 to November 5, Biden continued to gain more advantages in Georgia and Pennsylvania thanks to mail-in votes.

`I win easily if only valid votes are counted. If invalid votes are counted, they are trying to steal the election from us. We are closely watching the late votes. They are trying to cheat

President Trump, who is famous for his two-hour press conferences, quickly left the podium at the White House after 17 minutes without answering any questions from reporters.

By the morning of November 6, Biden surpassed Trump not only in Georgia but also in Pennsylvania, the state where he lived as a child and had a wall predicting his victory.

Four days of 'competition color' Trump - Biden gradually changed from red to blue

How are US election votes counted?

How are votes counted in America?

Although the results were not announced until the early afternoon of November 6, the election prospects seemed clearer for Biden.

At the same time, the US Secret Service increased manpower to Wilmington, Delaware from November 6 to help protect Democratic presidential candidate Biden.

While Trump’s campaign pledged to fight to the end, Biden’s aides, including Rob Flaherty, the campaign’s digital director, took to Twitter to express their joy at the imminent victory.

President Trump’s campaign director once boasted that their operation was as powerful as the Death Star, Darth Vader’s omnipotent headquarters in the movie Star Wars.

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