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Foreigners tell stories about Vietnamese New Year lucky money

Foreigners tell stories about Vietnamese New Year lucky money 4
Foreigners tell stories about Vietnamese New Year lucky money 4

Jun Mo (36 years old) from Busan, Korea – a real estate consultant – has celebrated four Vietnamese Tet holidays.

He likes children, so every time he sees a child, he withdraws money to congratulate them.

When his girlfriend complained, he smiled and said: `I only come back once a year. I’m so happy for them so they can grow up quickly.`

Last year’s children saw that Uncle Jun Mo was celebrating a lot of birthdays, so they were excited. The next year, when they received 50,000 dong, they felt sad.

Jun Mo was very embarrassed when his lover’s grandchildren compared last year’s birthday money with this year’s.

Even though she was well prepared, Megumi, 27 years old, a Japanese teacher in Hanoi, fell into another funny and sad situation when she first wore an ao dai and celebrated Tet at her Vietnamese boyfriend’s house last year.

Before that, Megumi and her boyfriend discussed giving lucky money to family members.

Standing in front of her lover’s family, the girl forgot all the instructions and gave her sister an envelope shaped like a dragon and phoenix.

During the New Year’s celebration that day, Megumi did not dare to look directly at anyone, occasionally glancing at her mother and then at her lover’s sister to gauge her attitude.

Asking this question to her lover, Megumi received laughter.

For Mrs. Blandine, a French woman with a Vietnamese adopted daughter, giving lucky money at the beginning of the year shows concern for her child far away from the Fatherland.

Le Thi Hiep (33 years old, living in Paris) was originally a homeless child in a humanitarian facility in Da Nang and was recognized by Mrs. Blandine as her godmother.

Having adopted Vietnamese children, Mrs. Blandine learned about traditional Vietnamese Tet customs on her own.

Foreigners tell stories about Vietnamese New Year lucky money

Ms. Le Thi Hiep and her French adoptive mother – Mrs. Blandine.

`Every year I go to Blandine’s mother’s house to receive lucky money and her mother wishes me good luck in the new year. For the French, it’s a way they show care for people like me who are far from home,` Ms. Hiep said.

Remembering the first time he received a red envelope from a Frenchman with the slurred wish `Happy New Year`, Hiep burst into tears.

`My mother also said that the number 10 for Vietnamese people has an absolute meaning, fullness in learning. She always wished me to achieve many perfect scores like that,` the 33-year-old woman shared.

Even though they work, every Tet, Hiep and his daughter receive red envelopes from Mrs. Blandine.

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