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Ford EcoSport – advantage from novelty

Ford EcoSport - advantage from novelty 1
Ford EcoSport - advantage from novelty 1

`I want a cheap car but the appearance must be very cool. The car must be spacious, can carry a lot of people but must be easy to maneuver in the city. The car’s chassis must be high. It must be fuel efficient. The liquidity must be good.

Ecosport belongs to the small SUV segment.

When the traditional car segment is fiercely competitive, Ford Vietnam chooses a hybrid car model to make a difference.

EcoSport is assembled at Ford’s factory in Vietnam, 5 versions priced from 589 to 681 million VND.

Targeting young customers, EcoSport is carefully researched to ensure its appearance is eye-catching and dashing.

Smooth lines help increase aerodynamics.

Ford EcoSport - advantage from novelty

The selling price is similar to small car models but the characteristics are in the SUV line.

Ford EcoSport has been developed based on the B2E platform of Ford Fiesta since 2011, so it has a more modest size than traditional SUVs.

Ground clearance of 220 mm helps increase terrain versatility.

Ford Vietnam has not applied the new generation Ecoboost engine (like on Fiesta) for EcoSport but still uses the 1.5 liter Duratec engine.

The overall interior design is very similar to currently distributed Ford models such as Fiesta, Focus or Ranger.

Start the car with a button via smart key, sunroof, manual leather seats, automatic wiper system/automatic headlights… are equipment in the highest version of the EcoSport car.

EcoSport’s safety support equipment is rich with rear backup sensors.

Ford EcoSport - advantage from novelty

The interior design is familiar to those who know that Fiesta, Focus or Ranger have been distributed in Vietnam.

The space in the cabin will hardly please true SUV lovers, but is ideal for customers who are on the fence.

Urban driving conditions are where EcoSport can convince customers best.

The side of the rearview mirror is electrically adjustable but mechanically folding, the outside edge of the mirror is created at a convex angle, helping the driver to see behind.

EcoSport trades the exciting, sporty driving feeling to make room for practical conveniences.

With sales in July (269 vehicles) and August (264 vehicles) in Vietnam, EcoSport became the 3rd best-selling car model in the SUV segment, only behind Toyota’s Innova and Fortuner models, proving its appeal.

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