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Florida – Trump’s new power center

Florida - Trump's new power center 3
Florida - Trump's new power center 3

With predictions that Trump will move back to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach after leaving the White House later this month, activist groups supporting MAGA (Make America Great Again),

Some Trump supporters have settled in South Florida, attracted by its friendly tax policies and the state’s Republican leadership.

Meanwhile, President Trump and First Lady Melania are renovating their private space at Mar-a-Lago to prepare for a permanent return.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania at Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida on December 24.

All of these moves will turn the Palm Beach area in Florida into a `home base` for the MAGA movement, allowing Trump easy access to potential donors and some of his staunchest allies when he attends.

Unlike previous presidents, such as Barack Obama and Georgie W. Bush, who quietly `retired` from politics and spent time writing books or painting, Trump is expected to continue to maintain his political base with

Supporters will continue to flock to Palm Beach, even if it may annoy other longtime residents who want their homes away from political fights and protests against Trump.

`You’re seeing a lot of influential conservatives talking about Florida and it’s creating an environment where people are looking for safe havens where their ideology is expressed in the world around them.`

Trump’s planned move to Palm Beach is part of a larger shift toward South Florida by prominent Republicans who support the President.

Several prominent conservatives and Trump allies have recently moved to South Florida, such as conservative commentator Ben Shapiro from Los Angeles.

Trump has long reveled in the feeling of being in the spotlight at his Mar-a-Lago club, which has become a regular destination for fans and allies.

However, during the President’s most recent visit, he did not appear in front of a crowd of admirers like he usually did in the past.

But as his term nears its end, the neighborhood around Mar-a-Lago is expected to become the new home for the pro-Trump movement.

`The idea that Florida Republicans have more access to the President is an attractive deal,` Spicer said, adding that `Palm Beach is a major fundraising destination for Republican candidates.`

Brandt noted that his fundraising work, by connecting wealthy conservatives in Palm Beach with Republicans, will get better with Trump’s frequent appearances here.

`He will turn presidential power into a political machine, something no one has ever done before,` Brandt said.

Florida - Trump's new power center

President Trump at a campaign event in Florida in October 2020.

While Florida Republican activists rejoice, many longtime residents here are worried.

`I completely understand why he and his family wanted to come to Florida,` said Matthew Swift, a Palm Beach resident and founder of the nonpartisan Concordia Summit.

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