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First Covid-19 victims in Wuhan after a year

First Covid-19 victims in Wuhan after a year 2
First Covid-19 victims in Wuhan after a year 2

Duan didn’t pay much attention to the stories in the hospital chat groups.

`But as the news emerged more and more, we started to realize this disease is different from other infectious diseases,` Duan said.

Duan Ling in his new apartment in Wuhan on December 13.

Just over a month later, Fang was one of the first people in the world to be diagnosed with the disease called Covid-19, which has now infected more than 75.2 million people worldwide and killed

In the early days of the outbreak, hospitals in the city were packed with patients, testing equipment was scarce, and many doctors worked in conditions lacking protective tools.

`At that time, a lot of people with undiagnosed diseases appeared in Wuhan. That’s why we didn’t know how he spread the disease,` Duan said.

Fang may have been infected at the hospital where he worked, or infected because the couple lived near the Hoa Nam seafood wholesale market, the first outbreak cluster.

On January 3, the day Fang was diagnosed with the disease, just over 420 people died and Wuhan began announcing several thousand cases every day.

`Finally, I understand the feeling that the numbers not only reflect the cruel reality, but that among the 2,388 infected people, one person is my family’s guardian angel,` Duan said.

Fang was very lucky.

She believes she may also be infected, as her symptoms appeared at the same time as her husband, but test kits in Wuhan were very scarce in the first months of 2020 and were limited to frontline workers and seriously ill patients.

When Fang was admitted to the hospital, he had a high fever, his heart was beating more than 100 beats per minute, and his chest X-ray was as blurry as ground glass.

`When I was alone, I watched videos of him playing guitar in the dormitory while studying abroad,` she said, choking up as she recounted the difficult two months they went through during Fang’s illness and recovery.

`But I never cried during the pandemic and always believed that we would overcome it,` she said.

Although Fang was one of the first confirmed patients infected with nCoV in the world, as a Covid-19 survivor, he joined the club of more than 70 million survivors around the world, and

9 out of 10 Covid-19 victims experience long-term complications.

`They might be shy if we went out to eat together, so we didn’t go anywhere. But inside we were really uncomfortable,` she said.

Now Wuhan has returned to normal.

But for some unlucky families like Fang and Duan, memories of those painful early days are still hard to forget.

`I have nothing more to say,` said Chen, a Wuhan woman.

`Even though Wuhan has returned to normal, people cannot avoid mentioning it, cannot run away from memories related to it, when the whole world is experiencing an epidemic,` Chen said.

First Covid-19 victims in Wuhan after a year

Duan and Fang couple in their new apartment in Wuhan on December 13.

As for Duan and Fang, they are focusing on the future.

The two moved into a new apartment because a local real estate developer offered a 15% discount to frontline medical workers.

`Life is actually very short, and life is full of surprises,` Duan said.

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