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Experts discuss how to apply AI in financial investment

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Experts discuss how to apply AI in financial investment 2
Experts discuss how to apply AI in financial investment 2

In the 60 minutes of the discussion `AI shaping the future of finance` – a side program of CTO Summit, broadcast on the afternoon of January 30, experts will discuss three topics of artificial intelligence application trends in turn.

The program brings together two technology experts including Mr. Tran Viet Trung – Director of Computer Science at DNSE Securities and Mr. Ho Minh Thang – Director of AI Consulting and Deployment Center – FPT Smart Cloud.

Two technology experts at the discussion `AI shapes the future of finance` on VnExpress.

In the first part of the discussion, two experts will analyze the overall picture of AI application in the securities sector.

In the next 15 minutes, the picture of AI application trends continued to open up when two experts discussed the pros and cons of applying technology in investment.

On the positive side, the speakers said that investors, especially new ones, can save time and effort when applying virtual assistants to analyze market information.

At the end of the program, experts `donate` plans for investors to optimize profits and limit risks through the application of AI.

After experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation in the securities industry is providing benefits to investors and financial companies when AI is applied in analyzing online stock transaction data to predict

Investing effectively is not an easy problem for many investors, especially F0 investors.

Readers can follow the afternoon discussion on January 30 on and VnExpress Fanpage.

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