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Europe is criticized during the migrant crisis

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Europe is criticized during the migrant crisis 0
Europe is criticized during the migrant crisis 0

Sand sculpture depicting a Syrian baby washed up on a Turkish beach.


On September 4, United Nations officials criticized European countries for their response to the worsening migration crisis across the region, as well as for the confusion of politicians.

`The real problem here lies with the European Union (EU) member states, who are not ready to recognize the fundamental reality that if they do not find a solution so that everyone shares responsibility and

`If everyone rests behind their borders and defenses, the disaster will continue and get worse.`

Mr. Antonio Guterres, of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, stated that a divided Europe on immigration policy only benefits human traffickers, Reuters said.

Record numbers of refugees have flocked to Europe’s borders in the hope of escaping bloody conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.

Europe is criticized during the migrant crisis

Many refugees have drowned on their journey across the Mediterranean to Europe.

But when they arrived in Europe, they had to face the harsh reality that there were very few places that welcomed them.

`I cannot believe that many Central and Eastern European countries say they will not accept non-Catholic refugees, because it is not true to the values we all share. That is unacceptable.

Another EU member, Hungary, was also heavily criticized for building a 4-meter-high barbed wire fence system along the border and blockading the main station in the capital Budapest, preventing the flow of refugees from reaching the region.

European countries along the Mediterranean coast such as Italy and Greece are also struggling to cope with the huge influx of migrants landing by sea.

Mr. David Miliband, former British foreign secretary and current president of the International Rescue Committee, considered Europe’s response to the current refugee crisis `short-sighted and narrow-minded`, Time newspaper reported.

`Most European countries pretend that this is someone else’s problem. The Hungarian Prime Minister even said that this immigrant problem belongs to Germany… Europe’s handling of this problem is quite weak

Europe is criticized during the migrant crisis

Refugees walk on a Hungarian highway to find their way to Austria.

Solution ‘with a grain of salt’

According to Mr. Miliband, the EU now needs to implement a more comprehensive policy on the issue of immigration, including three important points.

According to Miliband, Europe’s view that it is taking on too great a burden in this issue is not correct.

Lebanon, a country of 4.5 million people, is receiving up to 1.6 million refugees.

Facing growing pressure from public opinion, Austria and Germany recently announced they would accept hundreds more refugees stuck at the station in the Hungarian capital Budapest, but this effort is just `a drop in the bucket`.

European concerns

European countries are not without reasons for turning their backs on the flow of refugees.

`Our decisions must first be effective in helping those who really need it, not those who want a better life in Europe,` Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopecz declared in a statement.

The political, cultural and security impact of the immigrant wave is also a reason why European leaders hesitate.

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