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Europe faces a comprehensive threat of terrorism

Europe faces a comprehensive threat of terrorism 0
Europe faces a comprehensive threat of terrorism 0

The scene of destruction inside the departure area at the airport.

On March 22, the Belgian capital Brussels was shaken by suicide bombings at an international airport and a metro station, leaving at least 23 people dead and dozens injured.

A series of bloody attacks on the French capital Paris in November 2015, leaving 130 dead, showed that just a few suicide terrorist groups armed with AK-47 guns and explosive belts could cause massacres that caused death.

`Unfortunately, for me, the developments in 2015 are still ‘insignificant’. We are getting closer to facing a September 11, 2001-style event in Europe. Those are the

This expert added that Europe is currently in the `reach of terrorism`.

Didier Le Bret, chairman of the French National Intelligence Council, said the European intelligence community has discovered a growing network of attack plots in Europe.

`The situation is changing. Europe is witnessing the return of radical terrorists, who are experienced in combat and should not be in Europe. They are loyalists.`

Yves Trotignon, a former analyst with the French General Directorate of Foreign Intelligence (DGSE), assessed that terrorist attack scenarios across Europe are not new.

At that time, the mastermind organization was al-Qaeda.

`This method of attacking multiple locations at the same time is part of the worst risks of 2016. In European capitals, especially London, anti-terrorism task forces are researching and

Experts say police, military and intelligence forces are struggling to adapt to the evolving threat, but so are terrorists and they often act more quickly and effectively.

According to Mr. Trotignon, not only the police force but also terrorists have learned a lot from experience.

`If the attackers’ capabilities are enhanced, Europe will face big problems. Security experts are currently extremely pessimistic about 2016. It can be said that 2015 is just a rehearsal.`

The underlying cause

Europe faces a comprehensive threat of terrorism

French police patrol the metro station.

In addition to warnings about the risk of terrorist attacks, French analysts believe it is necessary to focus on finding the root cause why Europe always faces this situation.

According to Romain Caillet, an independent counter-terrorism expert, Muslim youth in Europe consistently perceive themselves as victims of prejudice and discrimination in the workplace and in society.

According to the latest survey results on ethnic minorities and discrimination by the European Union, one-third of Muslim youth participants confirmed that they had suffered discrimination.

As a result, they suffer disproportionately from poverty.

`Europe is really facing a high risk of terrorism. If synchronous measures are not implemented to prevent the immediate cause as well as solve the root causes of the problem, it is likely that this continent will suffer from terrorist attacks.

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