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Effects of chia seeds on the digestive system

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Effects of chia seeds on the digestive system 3
Effects of chia seeds on the digestive system 3

Chia seeds, a fairly popular food today, are used in a variety of dishes and are suitable for many ages.

Beneficial impact

Chia seeds may have beneficial effects on gut health, gut flora, and absorption.

Chia seeds have high fiber content.

The fiber in chia seeds slows down the digestive process, giving the body more time to absorb nutrients from food.

Chia seeds have a high fiber content and have a laxative effect.

In addition, chia seeds also have a number of other health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, fighting unstable compounds that can cause disease such as anticoagulants, reducing triglycerides and improving high cholesterol.

Side effects and risks

Besides the benefits that chia seeds bring to digestive health, many studies show that using chia seeds incorrectly or using too much chia seeds can lead to unwanted side effects and risks.

The fiber in chia seeds can also prevent the body from absorbing other important minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

According to Eat This, Not That, for those who are unfamiliar, when first using chia seeds, it can cause digestive disorders because chia seeds are typically rich in fiber.

If your digestive system is having stomach problems, you should consider using this type of seed.

Chia seeds are often used in dishes such as smoothies, puddings, cereals, salads and baked goods.

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