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Duong Thu made his own music night

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Duong Thu made his own music night 3
Duong Thu made his own music night 3

Appeared in a few author-work programs such as `Music Path` – the second liveshow titled `Silence` on VTV3 (June 12, 2005), `Nightingale Singing in the Rain` on VTC (

Quiet and discreet, Duong Thu does not use flowery words to promote the program.

Duong Thu’s compositions are not many, nor are they loved by many people, but they still have a separate audience.

Singer Tung Duong, director Viet Tu, musician Duong Thu and couple Anh Quan – My Linh at a press conference on the afternoon of October 29 in Hanoi.

Duong Thu insisted on organizing the music night `My Stories` in Hanoi, where he was born and raised, even though this place is now `a different Hanoi` compared to what Duong Thu kept in his book.

`Duong Thu – My Stories` opens the series of author-work programs. Music Window does not take singers as the main subject like other shows but focuses on and honors authors and works.

`Because this is a program for musicians and works, for many songs, we still use the old mix but will make it better. These mixes will have to meet factors such as bringing

`Duong Thu – My Stories` is not only a music performance program but also creates an exchange space between the audience and the author and artists.

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