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Donald Trump: Nowadays, everyone is like that

Donald Trump: Nowadays, everyone is like that 0
Donald Trump: Nowadays, everyone is like that 0

Who will replace US national security advisor John Bolton and how will this departure impact President Donald Trump’s policies?

Mr. Trump said he had noticed five people who, in his opinion, were very capable for the position of national security advisor.

Like a conditioned response, the question that was raised almost immediately in many parts of the world after Mr. John Bolton was no longer the national security advisor of US President Donald Trump was:

The most complete and accurate answer can be found in a statement by Mr. Trump to the press on September 12: `National security advisor is a simple job. Did you know?

Resign or be fired?

What happened was that Mr. Bolton left office.

Mr. Bolton is not the first associate of President Trump to pack up and leave, and according to Mr. Trump’s long-standing pattern of behavior, for this White House boss, there are only disgraced associates who are fired by him.

Mr. Bolton could not help but realize that, if he did not proactively resign, he would be fired by Mr. Trump.

What is about to happen is who will succeed Mr. Bolton.

After Michael Flynn and Herbert R. McMaster, Mr. Bolton is Mr. Trump’s third national security advisor when the President has not yet completed his entire term in office in the US.

What mistake did Mr. Bolton make?

Mr. Bolton has more in common with Mr. Trump than Mr. McMaster but makes a very basic mistake.

Mr. Bolton’s most harmful mistake was overestimating Mr. Trump’s respect and top priority for his goal of being in power for another term.

Is the national security advisor important?

The national security advisor to the president in the US is a government official in the US Presidential Palace and is under the direct direction of the president.

Robert Cutler is the first and only US national security advisor to hold this position twice.

Subsequent US presidents all attached great importance to the consulting role of national security advisors.

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