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DNSE was honored as the company with the best technology environment

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DNSE was honored as the company with the best technology environment 3
DNSE was honored as the company with the best technology environment 3

Honor results announced at CTO Summit 2023 on September 22.

The program to honor `Company with the best technological environment` aims to honor companies with a technological working environment, promoting creativity and applying modern technology solutions to improve quality.

From 50 submitted applications, the organizing committee selected 17 nominees to enter the voting round.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Binh, DNSE Technology Director (blue shirt) received the honor.

DNSE Securities was awarded the title by the Board of Examiners thanks to its efforts in applying technology to business management and operations and a creative working environment.

DNSE is a securities enterprise following the fintech model, applying advanced technology to financial and securities products.

The highlight is the AI Broker feature, a separate margin lending management system for each Margin Deal stock code.

The company currently has 200 employees, more than 50% of whom belong to the technology sector.

In business operations, DNSE invests in developing its own software such as Odoo to support the management and operation of processes such as assigning work, tracking progress, online company courses, conducting surveys,

The operations of departments such as customer care and human resources all apply advanced software: Snowplow, Chatwoot, Hubspot, CRM Erpnext, Base… to minimize operating costs, human resources, and optimize efficiency.

DNSE was honored as the company with the best technology environment

Company office.

For the technology team, 100% of employees are equipped with new Macbook Pro M2 computers, with fast, powerful configuration, Wi-Fi 6E system using Aruba’s most advanced equipment.

The technology department is divided into groups: Data – AI, Devops, UI/UX, financial product development groups, CRM;

In order to create a strong team, DNSE develops a unique corporate culture to attract and retain technology human resources.

At the honor ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Binh, DNSE Technology Director, said the company is trying to build a `universe for creative young people`, including a comfortable working environment, equipped with working equipment.

`We especially encourage creativity, initiative and new ideas. These are important factors that Gen Z – 9x (the generation accounting for 70% of the population at DNSE) values,` he said.

According to Mr. Binh, personnel are trained to be proactive and highly responsible when mastering their work.

Creating opportunities for employees to improve their creative capacity, the company organizes an annual Hackathon technology idea competition.

DNSE was honored as the company with the best technology environment

Team-building program held annually.

In order to balance work and life, DNSE builds a space to rest, regenerate labor and inspire work right at the office.

Many internal bonding activities are regularly organized such as team building, year-end parties… The company also has many clubs with sponsored activities to improve health such as football, jogging, knitting.

By being honored as the Company with the best technological environment, DNSE representatives said the unit will continue to aim for a pioneering position in the field of digital securities, creating an ideal working environment for young people.

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