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Djokovic’s defeat and the end of the ‘Big 3’

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Djokovic's defeat and the end of the 'Big 3' 2
Djokovic's defeat and the end of the 'Big 3' 2

After losing to Daniil Medvedev on September 12, Djokovic admitted to being under psychological pressure while pursuing the record of 21 Grand Slams.

`I feel relieved that everything is over, after many months of psychological repression,` Djokovic expressed after the US Open final.

Djokovic won 44 and lost six matches this season.

Djokovic still showed his bravery in New York, with five wins after losing the first set.

At the Australian Open, Djokovic easily beat Medvedev in the final but faced many difficulties when playing Alexander Zverev in the quarterfinals.

Djokovic dominated at Wimbledon, where many young players have not yet found a way to adapt to the grass court.

Djokovic's defeat and the end of the 'Big 3'

Before defeating Djokovic, Medvedev won the most matches and won the most tournaments in the ATP in the last three years.

Djokovic ended the four majors of 2021 with an extraordinary achievement: 27 wins – 1 loss, something he did in the peak season of 2015. But the owner of 20 Grand Slams predicts that next year will be more difficult: `The rise of players

Djokovic has a lot of momentum in Australia next year, and Medvedev will bring inspiration to players born in the 1990s after his coronation at Flushing Meadows.

During the two weeks Nadal and Federer were absent from New York, a series of `underdog` players emerged.

Tiafoe excitedly described the atmosphere at this year’s US Open: `I saw many guys foaming at the mouth in the locker room. They sweated out all the sweat at the US Open because they knew Roger and Rafa weren’t here. I myself

Djokovic's defeat and the end of the 'Big 3'

Nadal and Federer only played a total of 42 matches this season, before missing the rest of the year due to injury.

Since Federer first won the Grand Slam at Wimbledon 2003, the `Big 3` have won 60 out of 72 Grand Slams.

Unlike the women’s singles, where low-ranked players often surprise at the Grand Slam, it is very difficult for young male talents to win when the `Big 3` are present.

Djokovic’s position on hard courts will be threatened next season, when he turns 35, with the pressure of monopolizing the record of 21 Grand Slams and the physical risks.

`2022 could be a turning point season marking the transition of generations. There will be more opportunities for young players,` legendary Boris Becker commented after the US Open final.

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