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Disobedient electors are unlikely to achieve a miracle for Trump

Disobedient electors are unlikely to achieve a miracle for Trump 4
Disobedient electors are unlikely to achieve a miracle for Trump 4

After US President Donald Trump suffered consecutive defeats in legal battles in state, federal and Supreme Court courts, some of his allies are hoping for a scenario of `disobedient electors`.

Through the electoral college system, each US state is allowed to choose a certain number of electors based on the number of seats they have in Congress.

Historically, electors have typically voted for their party’s candidate who won a majority of the popular vote in that state.

In fact, electors who break their pledges are rare, because they are chosen based on party loyalty.

President Donald Trump on the south lawn of the White House on December 12.

In the 2016 presidential election, 10 of the 538 electors voted against the popular vote, but did not change the election results.

`You wouldn’t expect the Democratic electors, who are Biden’s most ardent supporters, to vote for Trump, just like you wouldn’t expect Trump’s most ardent supporters to vote for Trump.`

Electoral disobedience changing the outcome of an election has never happened in American history, although there are some theoretical examples where their votes could do so.

In 2000, if only two Republican electors did not vote for George W. Bush, the final result would change.

However, this scenario only happens when the election results are very close, which did not happen in this year’s election.

The legality of disobedient electors also depends on the state in which they live.

But before 2016, no state actually punished or disqualified an elector for his or her vote.

However, things could change this year, when the US Supreme Court ruled in July allowing states to punish disobedient electors.

`The Constitution and the nation’s history both permit a state to commit electors to that party’s nominee and the state’s voters’ choice of who becomes president,` Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan

Therefore, the scenario in which President Trump’s allies have high hopes that disobedient electors will help him stay in power has no basis in reality, according to Hasen.

`The electors were chosen in a way that ensured they were politically loyal,` the expert said.

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