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Discover strange birth customs around the world

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Discover strange birth customs around the world 4
Discover strange birth customs around the world 4

Many interesting things await you on your travel journey, one of which may be strange birth customs.

Bali – Do not let children touch the ground

Balinese people believe that newborn babies are very pure and innocent and should not come into contact with dirty ground, because they will become unclean.

In addition, people also believe that the placenta also has a soul and it becomes the guardian angel for each baby.

Children in their first three months in Bali should not come into contact with the ground.

Jamaica – eats the placenta

The placenta is a `bridge` that helps the mother pass food to the baby while in the womb.

Ireland – smear cake on children’s foreheads

Irish couples have a tradition: to keep the cake at their wedding and use it at the christening of their first child.

In addition to the cake, the couple often leaves behind some champagne from the wedding and opens it on the day of their child’s christening.

Discover strange birth customs around the world

During baptism, children are sprinkled with cake on their foreheads as a wish for good luck.

China – do not renovate the house during pregnancy

According to the concept of ancient traditional Chinese culture, when a couple gets married, the husband is obliged to lead his wife’s hand across the threshold the first time the bride arrives at her husband’s house.

While the wife was pregnant, the house was not repaired or newly built.

Mauritania – smearing saliva on children

The Wolof people of Mauritania and surrounding countries believe that human saliva can retain words.

The Igbo tribe in Nigeria has different customs.

Nigeria – single woman going through labor

In some places in Nigeria, pregnant women have to give birth alone without receiving any support from medical staff.

In some cases, the pregnant woman’s family members do not want to receive help from outsiders in giving birth.

Pakistan – women giving birth in isolation

Kalash mothers in Pakistan also face the custom of giving birth alone and having to leave home when it is time to give birth.

Discover strange birth customs around the world

There are still many outdated customs in the world that make many mothers and children suffer.

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