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CyberPower brings solar energy solutions to Vietnam

CyberPower brings solar energy solutions to Vietnam 5
CyberPower brings solar energy solutions to Vietnam 5

CyberPower is one of the leading suppliers of energy equipment and solutions, with a long-standing reputation in the European, North American, Australian markets… This manufacturer is known for its pioneering role.

In addition to strong products such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power stabilization and conversion devices, power protection devices, environmental management devices…, CyberPower is also a brand of solutions.

A typical product that can be mentioned is the grid-tied solar energy solution set (Grid-Tied Inverter) – an application for power generated from solar energy converted into alternating current and directly connected to the grid.

Sharing the reason for choosing the Vietnamese market, a representative of CyberPower said that the developing economy requires a large demand for energy, leading to the risk of shortage of electricity from the national grid.

The market for production and application of this energy source has begun to become vibrant in recent years.

In households, solar energy has also been commonly installed.

Another strength of CyberPower is its independent solar power solution (Off-Grid Inverter – allowing to generate energy from the sun with an independent working system, without needing a grid power source).

CyberPower also provides solar pumping systems (supporting automatic irrigation systems for agricultural production), solar inverters (for traffic lighting and camera systems) or solar system management solutions.

CyberPower brings solar energy solutions to Vietnam

Smart management software – CyberPower Could Monitoring (Terra) helps effectively manage the operation of solar energy systems.

New technology for the Vietnamese market

Commenting that Vietnam is a new market for the solar energy field, CyberPower representative said that it will not only promote products, but will also expand consulting and support services to help customers access solutions.

Accordingly, the new technology is CyberPower’s outstanding point, and has been evaluated in developed markets.

CyberPower brings solar energy solutions to Vietnam

CyberPower’s `3-phase grid inverter` product has a streamlined design, ensuring performance and safety.

A representative of CyberPower said that all products meet standards for safety, dustproof, waterproof, and lightning protection, limiting the risk of rust and damage due to direct contact with the natural environment.

CyberPower will accompany to advise and choose the most suitable solutions for each customer’s specific conditions, aiming to optimize investment and performance of the solar energy system.

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