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Covid-19 ruined the image of Spain

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Covid-19 ruined the image of Spain 4
Covid-19 ruined the image of Spain 4

A study published by Bloomberg last year ranked Spain as the healthiest country in the world.

Spain’s average life expectancy is predicted to reach 86 years by 2040, the highest in the world, according to the Institute for Health Evaluation and Quantification at the University of Washington.

However, the number of deaths from Covid-19 in the country has now reached more than 3,600, surpassing mainland China, where the epidemic originated.

According to NY Times commentators Raphael Minder and Elian Peltier, what is even more shocking are the elderly people left to die in nursing homes in Spain, a country famous for its strong bonds between generations

Cleaning staff clean a nursing home where someone died from nCoV in the autonomous region of Asturias, Spain on March 20.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said on March 23 that when soldiers went to some nursing homes to disinfect, they found the elderly `completely neglected, even dead in bed`.

`We have really worked hard to preserve the welfare state and strong family bonds. However, bad news from nursing homes forces us to admit some very serious shortcomings.`

El Pais, Spain’s leading newspaper, also wrote in an editorial that what happened in nursing homes amid Covid-19 `exposed the bitter flaw in the country’s welfare system`.

The Spanish government has not announced how many bodies or elderly people have been abandoned in nursing homes, while prosecutors are considering the possibility of criminal prosecution for the practice.

Countries across Western Europe, one of the regions with the world’s oldest populations, are struggling to fight Covid-19 to protect the most vulnerable.

In Italy, authorities said the reported number of patients who died from nCoV did not include those who died at home or nursing homes.

Last week, an organization representing nursing homes in France warned that nCoV could claim the lives of 100,000 people in the country, based on the current situation of nursing homes.

`Like most Spanish people, I know life in a nursing home is not always easy. However, everyone thinks the elderly are in good hands. Therefore, I cannot

Fernando Simon, director of Spain’s national emergency medical center, admitted on March 25 that the country had to pay the price for not taking measures to protect nursing homes amid the pandemic.

Victims of Covid-19 in Spain have an average age higher than in other countries.

Directors of several nursing homes accused the government of trying to blame their own mistakes in handling the crisis.

Jesus Rico, co-owner of a small nursing home in Madrid, said local authorities `just talk and do almost nothing` to help them survive amid the pandemic.

In the northeastern region of Catalonia, local authorities launched an investigation into two nursing homes that recorded more than 20 deaths near Barcelona.

On March 24, a convoy of ambulances brought 28 cases of nCoV infection from a nursing home in Alcala del Valle town, Cadiz province, to another facility about 128 km away.

As nursing home operators and politicians blame each other, some elderly people quietly reflect on the crisis.

`I’m just not happy being locked in my room. If fate has it, death will come one day,` he said.

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