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Covid-19 – a common enemy that brings British people closer together

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Covid-19 - a common enemy that brings British people closer together 2
Covid-19 - a common enemy that brings British people closer together 2

`It’s heartbreaking not being able to help him carry things up the stairs,` Sellars said, waving to D’lima.

Sellars, owner of a high-end travel company, cannot continue work due to the effects of Covid-19.

Kate Sellars chats with Garth D’lima after placing items in front of his house in Hampstead, London, England last week.

She is one of the volunteers caring for the most vulnerable people amid England’s lockdown.

Covid-19 seems to be promoting national solidarity in the UK, a positive signal while the country is mired in gloomy information about hospital overload, inadequate testing, and the rising death toll.

The fact that people are coming together is also considered a consolation after three and a half years of conflict in the country due to the UK leaving the European Union (EU), also known as Brexit.

`In the Brexit debate, people often say what we really need is a common enemy and it has arrived,` said David Goodhart, author of a book about the divisions in British society over Brexit.

Goodhart said the UK lockdown has exposed the `hidden links` of a prosperous society.

Goodhart said the most poignant aspect the pandemic has exposed is the plight of the elderly, who are most at risk from Covid-19.

This situation leaves elderly people trapped in their homes, unable to go to local stores.

`The government asked 1.5 million people to stay at home without knowing their situation. They felt scared and isolated,` said Dr. Connor Rochford, who founded the Hampstead Volunteer Group with three

Since its launch on March 14, a week before Prime Minister Johnson imposed a nationwide blockade, Rochford’s group has mobilized more than 600 volunteers.

Due to not receiving much guidance from the government, Rochford’s team was forced to set its own safety standards.

Finance is also a difficult issue.

For people who are confident in their own independence like Mr. D’lima, this change is not easy to accept.

Meanwhile, some people still refuse help.

However, volunteer groups still receive the respect of many elderly people in the UK.

`This reminds me of my childhood in the 1950s. People interacted more. We had fun on the streets,` said Jenni Towler, one of the people supported by Sellars.

`Now we all have to sit still and are not allowed to be close to each other, but we don’t feel alone. I hope this lasts and everyone in the neighborhood will get closer to each other, not just stop

For Sellars, volunteer work helps make her life meaningful amid the pandemic.

`The big question here is what happens when this is all over,` Sellars said.

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