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Chinese online models earn thousands of dollars a day

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Chinese online models earn thousands of dollars a day 2
Chinese online models earn thousands of dollars a day 2

Tian Yuan Yuan is China’s top online model.

Tian is just one of 35,000 online models for virtual stores here.

Online modeling is a lucrative profession in China.

In just one month, Tian helped sell more than 14,000 leggings and 6,000 rabbit leather handbags.

Models like Tian can earn up to 10,000 yuan (1,600 USD) a day, which is quite high compared to the GDP per capita in the Chinese city of 21,810 yuan (71.5 million VND) a year.

Taobao is the first online shopping website with model rental service along with many support activities.

Huang Shanlei, a lingerie seller on Taobao Mall, said: `I used to use models provided by professional companies. But now the number of people there is limited, and they can’t meet all the demand.`

Li Qiqi is a model for many stores, some days she even wears up to 200 outfits.

Earlier this year, a senior director at Alibaba Group – Taobao’s parent company – also revealed that they will have models advertising products delivered to customers’ homes.

David Lim, Director of Elite Greater China modeling agency, said: `We have been looking for models online since the beginning of the year and this will definitely become a trend in the future. China is a large consumer market for many people.`

Ha Thu (according to CNBC)

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