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Chinese fitness clubs are popular during the Olympics

Chinese fitness clubs are popular during the Olympics 0
Chinese fitness clubs are popular during the Olympics 0

A fitness club in China.

`Even though summer is usually the time of year when most people go to the gym, the number of new members in the past month at our center is much higher than last year,` said Zhang Wei, a registration office employee.

Currently, this club has a total of 86 locations across the country, including Shanghai and Chengdu.

Tera Wellness Club, another club in the city, said that in July, the rate of new members signing up also increased dramatically.

Gao Feng, sales officer at Hosa Club, revealed the club’s revenue in July was `really impressive`.

The enthusiasm of new members, partly inspired by the Olympic Games currently taking place in London, England, also causes many beauty centers in the city to continuously introduce policies.

`For members who subscribe for a year, we give them a number of movie tickets equal to the number of gold medals that national athletes won the previous day,` Zhang said.

`Many people come to the center after work to exercise on the electric treadmill while watching athletes compete in the London Olympics,` said Wu, marketing officer at Nirvana Fitness&Spa club.

Jia Nan, 27 years old, a resident of Beijing, often goes to the gym with his wife in his free time to stay in shape after getting married.

Jia said the fitness club is also a place for like-minded people with similar interests to learn and talk together. `We can both push weights and watch the Olympics and discuss together,` he said.

Zhang Wei, Hosa club employee, believes that the number of members at fitness centers will continue to increase not only during the Olympic Games but also in the future and promises

Phan Tam (according to China Daily)

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