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China sent a young general to command the Indian police force

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China sent a young general to command the Indian police force 4
China sent a young general to command the Indian police force 4

Lieutenant General Tu Khoi Linh, former army commander of the Eastern Theater Command, was transferred to the West in May to replace General Ha Ve Dong, according to the WeChat social network account of the People’s Liberation Army Western Theater Command.

The PLA’s Western Theater Command is responsible for border surveillance in the Xinjiang and Tibet autonomous regions, which border India.

`Due to escalating tensions with India over the border dispute, the Western Theater Command needs a younger commander to lead the vanguard force during this sensitive period,` a source in the PLA said.

The source said that Senior General Ha Ve Dong’s new position at the Eastern Theater Command will be `more comfortable` than the western region, where he has worked for the past four years.

General Tu Khoi Linh in an interview with CCTV channel, January 2019.

The recent flare-up of border tensions between India and China has caused the two countries to rush to send troops and equipment to disputed border areas in the Himalayas to assert their territorial sovereignty.

Military representatives of the two countries held talks on June 6 to resolve the confrontation in the Galwan River valley, located between the Ladakh region managed by India and Aksai Chin controlled by China.

Military expert Song Zhongping said that China-India border tensions make the Western Theater Command need someone familiar with the cooperation between the army and air force.

General Xu Qiling served as chief of staff of the 54th Army Corps. The army was merged with the 83rd Army Corps in 2015 during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s military reform.

Tu Khoi Linh is one of the young PLA generals that Mr. Xi highly uses.

The PLA’s Eastern Theater Command is responsible for defense and security supervision for Shanghai and the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi and the East China Sea region.

`Tu Khoi Linh’s new position in the Western Theater Command is a new challenge for this general. If he can handle the China-India border dispute properly, he is likely to be promoted in the future

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