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Chelsea is advised to liquidate Lukaku soon

Chelsea is advised to liquidate Lukaku soon 0
Chelsea is advised to liquidate Lukaku soon 0

The relationship between Lukaku and Chelsea suddenly became bad.

In an interview with Sky Sports Italy, Lukaku complained about Chelsea, coach Tuchel’s tactical system and his desire to return to Inter.

Commenting before this match on Sky Sports, former Liverpool midfielder from 1978 to 1984 Souness said: `That is the worst thing a player can do at this time of the season. Appearing before the media and

Souness continued: `We are trying to understand why Lukaku made such an unreasonable and reprehensible statement. The whole team practices together every day and every week to develop their full potential. Lukaku is big and strong.

Lukaku played for Inter for two seasons, scoring 64 goals in 95 matches.

`I don’t think anyone is at fault here. I think Lukaku has to practice every day to reach a certain level of scoring, which is the hardest thing on the field. Lukaku returned, but was not allowed to start. And immediately said

Chelsea is advised to liquidate Lukaku soon

Souness commented on the issue between Lukaku and Chelsea on Sky Sports.

Sharing the same opinion as Souness, former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Carragher emphasized: `The problem is that Lukaku has done that at all the clubs he has played for. Lukaku is not afraid to give interviews and admit that he is not happy.

However, former Man Utd and England midfielder Gary Neville praised Lukaku for his honest sharing about the current situation at Chelsea.

Bypassing Lukaku’s name, coach Tuchel yesterday switched to small striker Christian Pulisic, and pushed Kai Havertz into the slot.

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