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Buying gold in fear of the price going up

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Buying gold in fear of the price going up 1
Buying gold in fear of the price going up 1

Buyers of 2 taels, 5 taels and the highest 6-7 taels caused the employees of Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC) to trade non-stop this morning.

The need to buy retail gold is overwhelming the market.

The sharp drop in price at the beginning of the day, to 38.7-39.5 million VND, made many people consider buying.

* Clip of Hanoi people jostling to buy gold despite the price difference

At the PNJ gold system, trading is equally exciting, most crowded at around 10am when prices hit bottom.

Mr. Trong said that perhaps due to witnessing the sharp decline in gold prices, many people, especially customers who buy gold for storage purposes, will consider this a reasonable level to buy.

Buying gold in fear of the price going up

Golden employees work tirelessly.

In Hanoi, the market recovered strongly in the early afternoon, bringing many people to stores to buy gold for fear that the price would quickly increase.

At SJC Saigon Hanoi branch store, gold bars of one tael, two taels and five taels are also bought a lot.

In addition to the need to buy gold bars, at noon on April 16, gold trading points in Hanoi still had quite a large number of people coming to buy gold rings.

Present at Bao Tin Minh Chau store this morning, Mr. Hoa, an elderly customer, was surprised to learn that the domestic price is 6 million VND different from the international price.

The world market is currently showing signs of recovery after 3 sessions of free fall.

Le Chi – Thanh Binh

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