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But Ibrahimovic endured the pain, stood up and limped off the field.

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But Ibrahimovic endured the pain, stood up and limped off the field. 5
But Ibrahimovic endured the pain, stood up and limped off the field. 5

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The has just sent a report on behalf of the Government to the National Assembly on the project to build a number of expressway sections on the North-South Eastern route in the 2017-2020 period.

According to this report, changing the bidding method to select investors for 8 component projects in the form of PPP will cause the project to be 3 months later than originally expected due to the additional time needed to pre-qualify investors in the project.

Previously, at the end of September, the Ministry of Transport announced the decision to cancel prequalification in the form of international open bidding to select investors to implement 8 component projects of the North – South expressway.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transport said that the preliminary selection of investors is expected to be completed in February 2020 and all bidding will not be completed until November 2020.

Also in the report sent to the National Assembly, the Government said that public investment projects using the entire state budget can control their progress to ensure it meets the requirements of the National Assembly.

The Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway will connect with the upcoming North-South expressway sections.

On the other hand, according to current regulations, the State is responsible for surveying, technical design – estimating;

However, according to the Government’s report, currently the capital source and decision-making authority to compensate investors are not specified in the Budget Law and Public Investment Law.

The Minister of Transport said that this agency is requesting consultants to research to propose a plan to report to competent authorities to consider and remove problems with the above regulations.

In addition, the Government’s report also stated that capital challenges could be the cause of the project’s slow progress.

The North-South Expressway project in the East has a total investment of 118,716 billion VND, of which 55,000 billion VND is budget capital and more than 63,710 billion VND is commercial loan capital, mainly based on domestic bankĀ loans.

Meanwhile, banks currently do not have much room to lend long-term.

Therefore, according to Mr. Nguyen Van The, the Government is directing the State Bank to coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to assess the impact and propose solutions to solve the problem.

The North-South Expressway project on the Eastern route is divided into 11 component projects, of which 3 public investment projects use all state budget capital and 8 investment projects in the form of public-private partnership (PPP).

8 projects under public-private partnership (PPP), BOT contract type, including Mai Son – National Highway 45, National Highway 45 – Nghi Son, Nghi Son – Dien Chau, Dien Chau – Bai Vot, Nha Trang – Cam Lam

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