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Britney Spears – career ups and downs, love problems

Britney Spears - career ups and downs, love problems 2
Britney Spears - career ups and downs, love problems 2

Britney Spears is a name associated with the 8x generation as she was one of the most popular music stars of the 1990s. Britney was dubbed the `Pop Princess`.

Career ups and downs because of scandals

Britney Spears suddenly became a star after the song `Baby One More Time`.

In the international music industry, few people have achieved success as quickly and smoothly as Britney Spears.

Jive Records paid for Britney to record, hire a songwriter, organize a tour around the United States, appear in magazines, tour with the group ‘N Sync… Promotion technology, consequences

On the cusp of success, Britney continued to release her second album – Oops!… I Did It Again – and again broke the sales record, being the fastest sold in the first week of release in the US.

Britney Spears - career ups and downs, love problems

Justin Timberlake and Britney fell in love at their prime.

While at the peak of her career, Britney began to make bold choices.

The low point in Britney’s career began in 2002 when she broke up with Justin Timberlake.

In 2007, many newspapers said that Britney Spears was almost broke due to excessive spending while not having any music products to earn.

After her failed marriage with Kevin Ferdeline, Britney Spears returned to music.

10 years since Baby One More Time became a phenomenon, Britney Spears once again had a song that topped the Billboard charts – with Womanizer in 2008. Many music magazines even rated Womanizer as the most successful video

However, Jive went bankrupt in 2011, affecting the singer’s career.

Nearly 20 love affairs but still lonely

At 33 years old, Britney Spears has experienced emotional ups and downs that few people can imagine.

When she was at the peak of her career, her love affair with Justin Timberlake consumed the most ink.

During the breakup period, she fell into a serious crisis.

Britney Spears - career ups and downs, love problems

Britney and her second husband, Kevin Federline.

The struggle after breaking up with pure love pushed Britney Spears’ career downhill.

Kevin Federline was criticized as a `gold digger` when it came to Britney.

The divorce with Kevin Federline caused a stir because of the custody battle.

After Kevin, many quick love affairs came to the `Pop Princess`.

Britney Spears - career ups and downs, love problems

Jason Trawick is the person who stays by her side, helping Britney take care of her children and revive her career.

The meeting with Jason Trawick is considered a turning point, bringing Britney out of her previous dark life.

After Jason Trawick, Britney Spears briefly dated lawyer David Lucado.

Now, after two marriages and many love affairs, Britney Spears wants to spend all her time with her sons – Sean, 9 years old, and Jayden, 8 years old.

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