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Biden’s strategy of ‘peace and harmony’ causes concern

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Biden's strategy of 'peace and harmony' causes concern 5
Biden's strategy of 'peace and harmony' causes concern 5

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s economic proposals have some ideas that make powerful US banks worried, such as allowing banking transactions to take place at post offices, or letting the Bureau

But in private phone conversations with many Wall Street leaders, Biden’s campaign assured them that those proposals were not central to his agenda.

`They basically said the proposals were just to appease people like Warren and not to bother too much,` an anonymous investment banker recounted a call from Biden’s campaign, referring to

According to Washington Post commentator Annie Linskey, avoiding commitment to detailed policies is a highlight of Biden’s campaign.

Linkskey also pointed out that despite making many proposals, Biden often has a `middle of the road` approach to please everyone.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, on September 4.

This strategy is said to be a mirror image of Biden’s decades-long political career.

Biden has long been considered sensitive to `wind changes` within the Democratic Party.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump vowed to end illegal immigration.

Commentator Linkskey commented that Biden is `reaching out` to all sides.

Biden’s supporters rate his flexibility as a good trait.

Reconciliation is said to be part of the result of Biden’s more than three decades as a senator.

Biden’s campaign also argues that he is doing what a presidential candidate should do, which is promote broad ideas without getting too bogged down in details.

`Clearly Biden is a coalition builder and wants to rally a broad base of support for the programs, so they can last,` said Jake Sullivan, Biden’s top policy aide.

Meanwhile, many people believe that Biden’s inconsistency in views could spark internal conflicts if he is elected, on a range of issues from race, climate change to trade.

`Biden is a legislator. He will try to build, or test, bipartisanship to see if it can be re-established in Congress,` Leon Panetta, former secretary of defense

The contradiction in Biden’s flexible strategy was shown last week, when he spoke in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Currently, many leftists are still satisfied with Biden because he is aiming for a common goal with them.

Biden has repeatedly shown tricks in political negotiations.

To adapt to that change, Biden expressed support for tough-on-crime measures and fighting budget deficits, although he remained liberal in other areas.

During the election campaign, Biden expressed his desire to launch large expenditures.

Despite concerns, some Democrats still expect that if Biden sets foot in the White House, internal conflicts within the Democratic Party will subside, something that happened to the Republican Party when Trump won the 2016 election.

`I don’t think there will be as much internal division as some of the more vocal people on the left may be thinking,` said Matt Bennett, co-founder of the center-left think tank Third Way.

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