Wed. Jul 10th, 2024

Biden outlines path to naturalization for 11 million people

Biden outlines path to naturalization for 11 million people 3
Biden outlines path to naturalization for 11 million people 3

The Dreamers bill, expected to be hundreds of pages long, will be announced after US President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office on January 20, according to an anonymous source.

According to the bill, people living in the US from January 1, 2021 without legal status will have a 5-year roadmap to get a green card if they meet background check, tax payment and other requirements.

For some immigrants, the process will be faster.

US President-elect Joe Biden wore a mask when introducing cabinet candidates at the Queen Theater, Delaware on January 16.

The bill is a step for Biden to fulfill an important campaign commitment to Latino voters and other immigrant communities after four years of Trump applying immigration restriction policies and mass deportations of immigrants.

Throughout the Democratic primaries, Biden has repeatedly said immigration was one of his priorities on his first day in office, pointing to the scope of executive power he could use to reverse

The bill addresses some of the root causes of Central American migration to the US, providing grants for workforce development and English language learning, but is not as comprehensive as the final immigration bill.

Biden’s allies and even some Republicans have identified immigration as a key issue on which the new administration could find common ground with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and senators

The victory could be crucial as Biden seeks to pass bills in a divided Congress, where Republicans are certain to oppose Biden’s other priorities of reversing last year’s tax cuts.

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