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Aubameyang and his uncertain future at Arsenal

Aubameyang and his uncertain future at Arsenal 0
Aubameyang and his uncertain future at Arsenal 0

Aubameyang played 163 matches and scored 92 goals for Arsenal after a club-record transfer worth $79 million in January 2017.

Most Arsenal members are already in Dubai, UAE and the rest will come here in the next few days.

According to British newspaper Sunsport, Aubameyang is unlikely to accept the offer to join two of Saudi Arabia’s richest clubs in this transfer window, although Arsenal is ready to liquidate the team’s highest-paid player.

But Aubameyang, like Mesut Ozil before him, affirmed that he will only leave the Emirates when all conditions are met, and will not let the club push him out against his wishes.

However, the lack of success in the last seven hours of competition speaks to Aubameyang’s incredible decline.

But when the ink on the new contract was not yet dry, the relationship between Aubameyang and Mikel Arteta began to crack.

His commitment to Arsenal continues to be questioned, as Aubameyang held a birthday party for his son a week before the start of the 2021-2022 season.

Aubameyang’s continued violation of discipline at the end of 2021 was like a `drop in the bucket`.

Aubameyang’s hope of regaining his feeling of football when joining forces with Gabon to play the African Cup – CAN 2021 – was also shattered by indiscipline.

Back at Emirates Stadium, Aubameyang continued to be ignored by Arteta.

Sunsport newspaper said that Aubameyang will have the opportunity to express himself if Arsenal cannot recruit a striker in the few remaining days of the transfer period.

But with Arteta’s tough attitude and Aubameyang’s indiscipline, it is only a matter of time before both sides say goodbye.

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