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Arsenal beat Man Utd

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Arsenal beat Man Utd 2
Arsenal beat Man Utd 2

The match in round 21 was dramatic as the two teams chased consecutive scores.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, Arsenal deservedly won `thanks to their persistence and absolute belief in an attacking style of play that confused their opponents`.

Saka celebrates the goal to increase the score to 2-1 for Arsenal against Man Utd at Emirates Stadium, London, in round 21 of the Premier League.

Missing Casemiro due to suspension, coach Erik ten Hag used midfielder Scott McTominay to replace him.

Man Utd’s joy only lasted seven minutes, until the home team equalized.

Arsenal continued to enter the second half better and this time they scored first thanks to Bukayo Saka’s brilliant play.

However, Arsenal only celebrated for six minutes, before the away team equalized.

Arsenal refused to give up, rallied to score a goal in the last 30 minutes.

Arsenal beat Man Utd

Nketiah cushioned the ball and scored a 3-2 victory for Arsenal.

Arsenal’s efforts paid off in the 90th minute, with their familiar attack.

Coach Mikel Arteta jumped up and down to celebrate the table, as his assistants ran to hug him from behind.

This victory strengthens Arsenal’s championship confidence and helps them gain momentum for the match against Man City in the fourth round of the FA Cup on the evening of January 27.

Competition list

Arsenal: Ramsdale;

Man Utd: De Gea;

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