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Anthony Martial: Question mark at Old Trafford

Anthony Martial: Question mark at Old Trafford 3
Anthony Martial: Question mark at Old Trafford 3

Exactly one year ago, Man Utd signed Monaco’s Radamel Falcao on loan.

One year later, also in the final days of the transfer market, Man Utd returned to the Principality of Monaco, to play an even riskier gamble, for a 19-year-old striker – Martial, a name that is truly far away.

Some opinions say Martial is talented and promising.

Martial is a promising player, but whether he can develop at Man Utd or not is another matter.

Man Utd followed Edinson Cavani, Neymar, Gareth Bale, Thomas Mueller, Pedro, Robert Lewandowski… all summer and failed completely.

Bring new Henry to ask… Old Henry, currently a commentator for Sky Sports channel, the former French striker himself does not have much information about Martial.

Martial, who are you?

Striker or fairy?

Why are you so expensive at 19 years old?

Basically, both those who love and hate Man Utd are confused and their minds are full of questions after this team made Martial the most valuable `teenage` contract of all time.

But Martial is different.

Anthony Martial: Question mark at Old Trafford

Martial (right) is likened to the `new Henry`.

After Rooney failed, the last thing Man Utd needed was a young striker.

Philippe Auclair, a reputable journalist in France, said that French fans were also surprised by Man Utd’s way of spending money.

Van Gaal said he didn’t want to buy Pedro, because if they wanted it, Chelsea wouldn’t be able to get it.

Van Gaal may not be panicking, but… the whole world is panicking.

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