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American warships approached Hoang Sa

American warships approached Hoang Sa 3
American warships approached Hoang Sa 3

The US Navy’s 7th Fleet said on May 20 that the destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur conducted a patrol to `affirm maritime rights and freedoms` near Vietnam’s Paracel Islands, where China illegally occupied

`International law does not permit the unilateral imposition of any requirement for permission or prior notification of innocent passage,` said a statement from the US Navy’s 7th Fleet.

The Chinese army’s Southern Theater Command said on the same day that the country sent military aircraft and warships to follow Curtis Wilbur when the US navy ship passed through the waters near the Paracel Islands.

The destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur moved in the Pacific Ocean in July 2018.

Previously, the US Navy’s 7th Fleet announced that the destroyer Curtis Wilbur on May 18 made a `normal trip through the Taiwan Strait`, affirming that this action was in accordance with international law.

`The trip through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region. The US military will continue to operate wherever international law allows

China’s Eastern Theater Command later issued a statement saying that its forces tracked and monitored the US warship throughout the journey, and expressed its opposition.

American warships approached Hoang Sa

East Sea area.

The US recently sent ships to the East Sea to conduct more frequent freedom of navigation patrols, aiming to challenge China’s unreasonable sovereignty claims in the area.

The destroyer USS John S. McCain on February 5 also moved through the waters near Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago.

The US Pacific Fleet in December 2020 issued a statement saying `expansive and illegal maritime claims in the East Sea pose a serious threat to freedom of the seas, including freedom of navigation.`

The Hoang Sa archipelago has been occupied by force by China since 1974. This country established the so-called `San Sa city`, headquartered on Phu Lam island since July 2012 to take over the archipelagos in the Sea.

Vietnam has repeatedly condemned China’s illegal activities in the East Sea.

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