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American experts worry that Trump is optimistic about Covid-19

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American experts worry that Trump is optimistic about Covid-19 4
American experts worry that Trump is optimistic about Covid-19 4

In the spring of 1918, a new strain of influenza raged in the military camps of both sides participating in World War I in Europe.

Spain, a neutral country during World War I, had the opposite reaction.

Therefore, many months later, when the flu epidemic broke out and spread globally, claiming the lives of 50-100 million patients, many people believed that it started in Spain, simply because this country said

That flu epidemic was later called the `Spanish flu`, although experts believe it originated in East Asia.

A military hospital filled with Spanish flu patients in Kansas in 1918. Photo: Washington Post.

Now, as fear of nCoV spreads everywhere, historian John M.Barry, author of the book `Pandemic Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Flu Epidemic in History`, is concerned about the administration of US President Donald

Trump optimistically declared last week that with what the US is doing, the risk Covid-19 poses to the country is `very low`.

`The Trump administration is clearly just focusing on what’s been done well and controlling information,` Barry, in a phone interview.

When the second Spanish flu outbreak hit the globe, Europe completely censored news about it.

Information about the fight against the Spanish flu pandemic was strictly controlled by the US Committee on Public Information (CPI).

CPI published thousands of optimistic stories about America’s efforts to fight the Spanish flu pandemic and were often republished verbatim by newspapers.

President Woodrow Wilson did not make any statement at that time, because he believed there was no cause for alarm if America `adhered to appropriate precautions`.

Barry said another top health official even referred to it as `the common flu but called it by another name.`

The subjects of death are also different, while seasonal flu often targets children and the elderly, while Spanish flu causes the most severe consequences on young people, including soldiers in military barracks.

What made the situation worse, Barry said, was that during the Spanish flu pandemic, information about the virus was not being reported accurately by the media.

`Basically, all the doctors told the reporter that the parade should not take place. The reporter wrote about this warning, but the editors crossed it out. The Philadelphia press at the time did not show any footage.`

The parade was still held as planned and 48 hours later, the Spanish flu took down the city.

Philadelphia became one of the places most seriously affected by the Spanish flu epidemic in the US.

The US government threatened to punish any newspaper that reported this truth.

As the pandemic raged throughout October of that year, Americans could see firsthand that the `meaningless reassurances` of local and federal officials were completely wrong.

American experts worry that Trump is optimistic about Covid-19

President Donald Trump (right) and Vice President Mike Pence at a press conference on responding to Covid-19 at the White House on February 26.

The 1918 Spanish flu epidemic claimed the lives of nearly 700,000 Americans, including Frederick Trump, the current US President’s grandfather.

`I think the number one lesson learned from this pandemic is you have to tell the truth if you don’t want to cause panic,` Barry, who served as an expert advisor to the CDC’s pandemic flu plan, said.

Regarding the current Covid-19 epidemic, Barry said he was `a little worried` about the US government’s response plan.

He is especially concerned about President Trump’s decision to appoint Vice President Mike Pence to lead the fight against Covid-19, instead of a medical expert like Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the Institute of Atherosclerosis.

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