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Ai Van: ‘Not sensitive enough to choose the right person’

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Ai Van: 'Not sensitive enough to choose the right person' 0
Ai Van: 'Not sensitive enough to choose the right person' 0

Ai Van returned to her country to participate in Trinh’s music night.

– How is your life in America now?

– I’m very stable.

The daughter likes to sing very much, but only enough to participate in cultural activities at school. Pursuing the arts requires a clear passion and talent.

– Before emerging as a singer, the audience first knew her as an actress with her role in the movie of the same name `Miss Nhung`.

– After playing Ms. Nhung, I also participated in two more movies, Where’s the Groom Going and Secret List, but they were just two supporting roles that didn’t leave much of an impression.

– After `Miss Nhung`, the audience immediately remembered a beauty named Ai Van.

– It’s true that a lot of people compliment my appearance when they see me transform into Ms. Nhung, but actually I feel like I’m normal and nothing special.

When an artist goes on stage, their appearance is very important because in addition to the need to listen, the audience also needs to see.

Ai Van: 'Not sensitive enough to choose the right person'

The audience still remembers Ai Van’s beauty.

– On the contrary, how does that beauty contribute to the turmoil in your life?

– In the past, people kept saying `Red beauty is fate`.

– The first man – artist Dang Dung put the burden of debt on Ai Van’s thin shoulders, the second man – artist Tran Binh hurt her with jealousy.

– Perhaps the artistic soul has sensitivities and instability.

Up to now, I no longer blame the men in the past.

– How do you face your ex?

– I met Mr. Dang Dung but never mentioned the old story again.

For Mr. Binh, all the `hows` happen the first time.

Ai Van: 'Not sensitive enough to choose the right person'

Ai Van tries not to rely on surgery.

– How does the third man soothe your emotional wounds?

– You are very gentle.

– Mothers, through their lives, often learn from experience to hope their daughters can avoid the same slip-up.

– I don’t tell my daughter about the breakups and sad things that have happened.

– She has two grown children, but at this age, she still often receives compliments about her youthful beauty.

– Any woman who is complimented is happy, but in my joy there is gratitude.

Made by Ngoc Tran Photo: Nguyen Hung

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