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Abnormal signs in the breast warn of the disease

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Abnormal signs in the breast warn of the disease 5
Abnormal signs in the breast warn of the disease 5

Master and Doctor Nguyen Do Thuy Giang (Head of Breast Surgery Department, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City), said that women over 20 years old who self-examine their breasts can detect early breast cancer and other abnormalities.

There are any hard lumps in the breast or armpit: If lumps appear on your breasts during your menstrual cycle, this is a normal phenomenon due to hormonal changes.

Breast skin changes: Some notable breast skin changes include: a thickened area that does not go away, does not soften after menstruation.

Change in size, shape or symmetry of the breasts: If you do not use any method to increase breast size, not during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding or gaining weight within a day

In case your bust size is getting smaller, while you are not at menopausal age, weaning or not losing weight… with hair loss, acne, strong growth of facial hair… it may be due to

Abnormally large or small breasts may be a sign that you need to be examined.

Red or scaly nipples or breast skin: Red or scaly nipples and breast skin can be a warning sign of mammary gland disease.

Pain in the nipple or in the breast: Some common causes of pain in the nipple or in the breast include pregnancy, puberty or during ovulation.

Nipple discharge, nipple inversion: Sometimes when irritated, the nipples may secrete a little fluid.

Nipple retraction: Abnormalities of nipple retraction that need attention include: turning, pushing in other directions, sinking in.

Dr. Giang advises that after self-examination of your breasts and detecting one or more of the above abnormalities, you need to go to specialized medical facilities to be examined by a doctor and have appropriate solutions.

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