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7 yoga styles to help you lose weight

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7 yoga styles to help you lose weight 3
7 yoga styles to help you lose weight 3

1. Power Yoga

Power yoga (also known as boot camp yoga or cardio yoga) quickly spread in the West as a great alternative to previous heavy fitness measures.

2. Jock Yoga

As another variation of power yoga, jock yoga also makes you sweat a lot like other heavy physical activities.

3. Bikram Yoga

This is the most popular form of hot yoga, when students practicing bikram yoga have to practice in a hot environment, on average about 40 degrees Celsius. With 25 basic postures and two breathing patterns, this is also a way to practice hot yoga.

7 yoga styles to help you lose weight

4. Vinyasa Yoga

A flexible and dynamic style of yoga when combined with a mat, vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga, possesses all the physical and mental benefits of traditional yoga.

5. Ashtanga Yoga

Each class lasts 90 minutes, ashtanga yoga has lessons that include six movements per set, helping the body move flexibly and supplely like vinyasa yoga.

6. Hatha Yoga

7 yoga styles to help you lose weight

Although not as intense as the above forms, hatha yoga, a form of recovery yoga, is also an important part of the weight loss process.

7. Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is one of the most passive types of yoga because it focuses on meditation as well as practicing controlled stretching of the body.

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